The Lancastrian IT Toolbar allows you to use multiple Search Engines, search Shopping sites and watch Real TV online very easy without having to go to various different web sites and waste lots of time typing.

The main features of this Toolbar are Searching, eBay,Shopping, Live TV and being able to use some of Lancastrian IT's services easily. But ,my favorite is the Highlight Button.

Lancastrian IT

This section is important as it links to some Lancastrian IT services and some functions related to the Toolbar.

  1. Support - Link to the support section of Lancastrian IT
  2. Using the Toolbar - Instructions on how to use the Toolbar
  3. Clear search history - Clears the search history
  4. Update the Toolbar - Checks for an update to the Toolbar
  5. Uninstall the Toolbar - Uninstall's the Toolbar completely
  6. Contact Us - Lancastrian Contact page
  7. About Us - Some information about Lancastrian IT


Type a search term in the search box on the Toolbar and you can search all of the site listed below without having to retype anything. This is handy when you are looking for something specific. The Toolbar also remembers the last 20 search terms which can be accessed by clicking on the drop down menu next to the search box.

  1. Google
  2. Live (MSN)
  3. Yahoo!
  4. Ask
  5. Wikipedia
  6. Youtube
  7. Lancastrian IT

Ebay Features

  1. Search Ebay
  2. My eBay
  3. Sign In / Sign Out
  4. Paypal Link
  5. Lancastrian IT Products on eBay
  6. Selected eBay Products
  7. Want IT Now! Link
  8. Register On eBay Link


Search on all these sites from the Toolbar.

  1. Amazon
  2. Argos
  3. Halfords
  5. I Want One of
  7. Lancastrian IT Shop

Highlight Button

This allow you to highlight any text on the page you type in the Search Box, this is ideal when the page is just a mountain of writing or even just confusing. Look below:

Live TV

This section is a popular addition to the Toolbar it brings together sites and links from the internet to allow you to watch real television or listen to radio online from your computer without any special equipment, and best of all it is free. Live TV includes major sports events and regular UK TV channels.

This section has been split in easy to use categories.

  1. Sports - All major sports can be viewed through here. Extra software has to be installed but a link to it and instructions are available in the help section.
  2. TV Portals - Traditional streaming sites, click on a link and start watching. Some major channels are available here.
  3. UK TV Channels - A new service by TVCatchup allows you to watch regular UK TV, free registration is required.
  4. TV On Demand - Links to all the major UK On Demand sites like iPlayer and 4OD
  5. TV Guides - TV Guides for UK and US TV channels, BBC listings and what satellite channels are showing football matches
  6. Live Radio - This link sends you to a live radio search site which allows you to find any online radio station and listen to it
  7. TV Help - Don't know how to install the software or where to get it, this section will help you.


This is a link straight to the Lancastrian IT Shop which sell Good Quality and low cost IT equipment (Laptops, Desktops and Electronics) and also non IT related products, pop in and have a look, you might be surprised what is for sale.

Special Offers

This is a page full of links to 'Online Only' Special Offers that are available through Lancastrian IT. Have a look you might save a lot of money.

Opening Hours

Monday 10.30 - 18.00
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Friday 10.30 - 18.00
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