If you are reading this page you want to install the software required for some of the sports channels to work properely through thte toolbar. You might also just want to install the software so you can watch non sports related tv from america from around the world such as CBS, NBC or FOX.

The instructions are divided in to three sections, Downloading, Extraction and Installation. Some users might just want to scroll down to the Installation section. These instructions are written with XP in mind but Vista users will find the procedure exactly the same except a few of the pictures might look different.


You can download these software packages via the Lancastrian IT Download section or by clicking on the link in the Toolbar TV Help section (shown below). These instructions will assume the Toolbar method.

  1. Select the download software link in the toolbar

  2. Rapidshare website will now appear, click on the 'Free User' button

  3. Because you are a 'Free User' there will be a timer that counts down. When it has counted down a download button will appear. Click on this button

  4. A new dialogue box will appear. Click on the save, select you desktop and click ok.



  5. You should now have a file on your desktop called TV_AIO (might also be called TV_AIO.zip)


Extracting the Software

Now we must extract and install the software so it will work with windows.

  1. Right click on the TV_AIO icon and select Extract All'

  2. You must now follow the wizard through so the files are extracted on the the desktop in a folder called TV_AIO.Cilick on the Next button

  3. Click Next (or this can change the location where the files will be extracted.)

  4. Click Next and the files will now start extracting, shown below.

  5. The extract wizard will finish. In the picture below there is a tick box seleceted called 'Show Extracted Files', when the files are extracted they are put in to a new folder on the desktop call TV_AIO, all this option does is opens the folder after closing the wizard. To finish and close the wizard click on the Finish button.


The programs / files are now extracted and can be used to install the TV software.

Installing the Software

The following installations guides are put together and maintained by myp2p.eu, Thanks to myp2p.eu, without them installing would be a lot harder.

I recommend installing each of the programs below, this ensurese you dont have to worry if you have the software installed 5 minutes before kickoff.

The guides are easy to follow and can be accessed by clicking on the logos for the software shown below.


v1.0 Build 0030


The following is for advanced users only, it is not needed but makes streams better. 

General tip for Windows XP Users;

You can easy help this by using 1 of the 3 options, the first 3 are a download of a external program, easy and fast.

If you got PPMate on your PC, it's easier:

  • Startup PPMate.
  • With Version 1 .7.33 --> Click right mouse on the PPMate Icon --> TCP/IP Patch or select it from Options.
  • With the new Beta Version 2.0.0.x --> run XP TCP patch under "tools".

General tip for Windows Vista Users;

A few tools to try for Vista:  Link 1  or Link 2 . Another tool to try of the first 2 don't work is the other patch: Softpedia Download . ( Info page )

For more info or feedback please look here: http://www.myp2pforum.eu/sopcast/8250-sopcast-vista-myp2p-link-fix.html

Now all P2P programs will run faster and the loading/buffering will also go faster.

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