this page tell you how to install the software and then use it to watch tv and sports online   thi page will have tv instructiopns and tv aio instsall insttructions - these are the instructions to use the tv section of the toolbar - to install thew aio scroll to the bottom of the page? - tv instructions moved from how to use toolbsar to here

 Live TV

This section works mostly without any extra effort but the Sports section and some TV Portals (only a few) will require software to be installed.and this is dealt with in another tutorial, linked below.

Lancastrian IT TV AIO Software Pack Installation Tutorial

Live TV - Sports

this is the sports live tv section description

Live TV - TV Portals

This section is a collection of web site offering Live Streaming of TV Channels, some major US TV channels, some public broadcast, and a lot of international channels. Have a look and see what is on offer.

As you can see in the picture above, TV Portals has been divided in to 2 sub sections. The ones above the line will require extra software to run, usually when not installed the site will automatically try and install it for you. The TV AIO pack has all this software in it. The sites below the line will not require any extra software besides Windows Media Player which most people have installed already.

Basically click on a link in TV Portals and it will take you to that site, select a TV channel to watch, sit back, relax and watch TV from around the world.

Live TV - UK TV Channels

These channels can only be watched within the UK. But for those in the UK you can now watch Real UK Television online using the TV Catchup Service recently launched and made easy by the Lancastrian IT Toolbar.

To watch these channels FREE registration is required and you only need to log in once on your computer. When you first click on any channel the web browser will take you to a registration screen, register following and instructions, login with your details and then you can use the Lancastrian IT Toolbar to change channels, or directly select a channel on future uses. The quality of the channels is very good and there is never any lag (weird or slow video).

As shown the channels you can watch are BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4, Five, ITV2, Five US, E4, ITV3, ITV4, MORE 4, BBC3, BBC4, Dave, Fiver, Film 4, BBC News 24, CBBC.

Live TV - UK TV On Demand

This section links all the major UK On Demand Sites so if you miss a show you don't have to hunt the links out.

The link(s) above the line are not linked to the channel broadcasters but try and link all of them in one place. The links below the line are the broadcasters On Demand sites. Click on a link and it will take you to that site.

Live TV - TV Guides

This section does what it says on the tin and is a collection of TV guide links.

Click on a link and it will take you to that online TV Guide.

Live TV - Live Radio

This link takes you to a site where you can search for any online radio station and listen to it on your computer.

Click on the link, when you are on the Radio Site, you can search directly for the radio station you want or you can search for a radio station by genres, either way you find a radio station and click on the 'Play' link and the radio station will start playing.

Live TV - TV Help

This is the TV Help Section of the Toolbar.

  • The 'How to Use Toolbar TV' link will bring you to this page
  • The'How To Install TV Software' link will take you to a page showing you how to install the various software packages required for some of the TV functions, mainly Sports. 
  • The 'Download TV Software' link will take you to download the 'TV AIO Software Pack'.  Follow the onscreen instructions to download the software. Once the software is downloaded it will need unzipping and installing as per Lancastrian IT TV AIO Software Pack Installation Tutorial (the link described above).


That's it, there is no more you need to know to use this Toolbar. Once you have used it a couple of times it will become second nature and you will wonder how you coped without it.

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