We are able to get data back in most cases, but too increase the chances of recovery you must power off the computer and contact Lancastrian IT straight away for advise. Most people will not know that as long as the computer is turned on there is a chance your missing or deleted data can get written over even when the computer doesnt seem to be doing anything.

Lancastrian IT can recover data from the follow scenarios:

  • File system corruption
  • Bad sectors (by definition some data might be lost)
  • User deletion
  • Physical Hard Drive failure (has to be sent away)
  • Data Corrupted by Viruses
  • Failed Operating System
  • Formatted Hard Disk
  • Corrupt Partition
  • Windows and Apple Mac computers
  • Removable Media (Pen Drives, Memory Cards)

Loss of data can be be mitigated by making regular backups of your important data. Family photos or company documents should also be backed up up on to DVDs where possible, if there is too much data for this to be practical you should use any external Hard Drive with dedicated backup software. This external drive should only be used for backing up.

We have software designed to recover data lost from user errors, file system corruption, bad sectors and various other faults of this type, But when the disk physically is damaged, either it does not spin up or is not recognised by the computer we have to send the Hard Disk away to be repaired in a Clean Room Environment.

If you have been told you can not recover your data speak to us at Lancastrian IT and we will see if we can where others fail.


Lancastrian IT can not gurantee 100% data recovery as the data might be physicaly overwritten or not present. We can not accept liability for any damages of any type that might occur if the data is not recovered. Users should also be aware that there is a possibility of no data being recovered. Users should make regular backups and use this service as a last resort. By using this service, you the customer, has acknowledged you have read this disclaimer.