Lancastrian IT provides an excellent computer repair service. We have an experienced team of technicians who are capable of resolving any of your computer problems. Your computer is made up of hardware and software. Hardware and software problems may arise at any time, sometimes issues can be caused by a combination of the two.

Data loss is a major problem that is faced by all organizations and home users. Loss of data due to theft can never be recovered yet many organizations still lose a large volume of data as a result of improper handling. Sometimes, you may delete data and then later when you find out that the data is actually important  you will need file recovery services. For these services you can call Lancastrian IT.

Lancastrian IT has seen most types of damage a laptop can suffer. We can assess your laptop and let you know the costs of fixing it. Repairing laptops is not always possible and if this is the case we will advise you.

A company web site is more than just a presence on the web, it is an online portal to your company. Companies that are serious about marketing themselves on the Internet need to think carefully about the type of image they want to project.

Are your computers running slow when opening applications, or when browsing the Internet. Computers like all things need an annual service to keep them working smoothly like when you originally purchased them.

Lancastian IT can arrange all your webhosting needs holding page.

Viruses and Spyware can cause many computer problems and it has been known for many people to actually purchase a new computer rather than getting their computer repaired.

Lancastrian IT can help get you to the top of the search engines so that you can increase your online turnover or page hits. We will take care of all your internet search engine needs and increase the traffic to your site. More traffic, More Sales, More Profit !!!

Lancastrian IT utilises local suppliers and brand names goods of the internet so we do not need to build our own computers or increase our costs by keeping a large stock of parts. This allows us to give the customer the best deal and lets Lancastrian IT do what it does best at, Onsite Work.

For an Ecommerce website on the internet it is not enough just to announce to your clients that your business now has a website where they can purchase online. You need to get traffic from search engines so your online business can make regular sales to new and exisitng customers.

As with most modern electrical equipment, PCs get old but unlike other devices you can upgrade a PC to make it last longer or perform better withou having to outlay for a new machine.

Business processes are made simple with the evolution of computer programming. To meet your business goals, you need professional assistance and this can be obtained from computer programs. Anyone who has a basic knowledge about computers can start working using our applications. If you need a customized software or application for your business purpose, call Preston PC Repair to design your own bespoke program.

Lancastrian IT has a range of printer services for both business and home users. We work closely with local suppliers to ensure prompt service and in general deal with Epson printers. We also deal with other brands such as HP (Hewelett Packard) and Cannon. When the need arises we can supply and service these printers aswell.

Today, you can't have a computer at home or in the office without a broadband internet connection. All software and services expect that you have broadband. eg Windows Updates, Google Earth, Youtube and BBC iPlayer. Tradition Dial Up Modems are far to slow to work for anything more than small emails.

Lancastrian IT specialises in Onsite support for both home and business users. Lancastrian IT will come out to either your home or office and repair the computer Onsite.

Lancastrian IT offers networking services for both the home and office enviroments. Networks are becoming more important everyday for normal life and they are getting faster to cope with all the extra bandwidth we need.

This services requires that you have a broadband or faster internet connection and for obvious reasons, the issue must not be to do with internet connectivity.

For any type of home or office, with any number of computers, Lancastrian IT offers installation and configuration of wireless networks and devices. We provide services for both business and home users.