To achieve this, you have to make your website visible to people using search engines by way of advertising. We have all seen adverts and sponsered links when we do a search in Google, these are forms of internet marketing. I would also like to point out that advertising on other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! should be considered as there market share is now growing and EPC (Earnings Per Click) might be greater with them.

Lets just run through a few terms before going any further:

  • Internet Marketing is the production and dessemination of advertising for your website within predefined rules on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! but can also can be advertising that is directly shown on other website rather than in search results either directely or via affiliation schemes and companies
  • SEO is a mostly passive and is the process of making you website more friendly to Internet Search Engines, results with this can be significant.
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC), This is used as a gauge to how well your Internet Marketing is going. Unlike traditional advertising where you pay for the advert you place in a paper, the online model only requires that you pay when your link is clicked. So your advert could be shown 1000's of times but only clicked once. This means you would only pay for the one click and are more likely to of got someone interested in your product.
  • Sponsored Links, These appear in search results at the top of the page and sometimes on the side. People have paid for their adverts to be shown here for a particular keyword.
  • Keywords, These are words that people assign to their business or adverts. For instances if you were selling Georgian Antique Rings, These would be the keywords you would use and when anyone searches for them your advert would appear (an auction process occurs to determine the actual advert displayed, so results will vary depending on the keywords).

Pay Per Click (PPC)

These campaigns are placed on the side bar or at the top Google search engine results (or other search engines if required). When people see your company ad in the search engine results, they will click the link to your website and you will be charged a few pence each time someone clicks it.