How we Can Help

If you require a new PC, we will come to you and show you what is on offer from our local suppliers and some brand names like ACER, DELL and Apple. We can help you decide which computer is best for you without going over your budget. It is also sometimes possible to bring laptops round to your property to have a hands on look before making your purchase. Whichever option you choose Lancastrian IT can take your through the whole purchase procedure and come back when the computer or laptop arrives. Then we can set it up for you including moving any files from your old machine*, setup your email and any programs you need installing.

* If you have an old PC that requires a significant number of files transfering onto the new one, it may inccur extra charges depending on the amount of files you need transfering (some transfers can take hours so we may have to leave your computer running and return at a later time).

If you would just like reassurance on a purchase you want to make, even from another company, you can call Lancastrian IT and we can give you our opinion on the purchase. Even if you have bought a computer elsewhere Lancastrian IT can still set the computer up for you.

Second Hand Computers and Laptops

Lancastrian IT sometimes gets second hand machines in that have been refurbished and checked by our technicians to make sure they work correctly, these computers can be found displayed in our online shop.