There are several advantages to using wireless networks. Expanding the network is very easy, when you want to add a wireless capable device to your network all you need is the password. This has the distinct advantage of not requiring wires which can help you to keep your home or office tidy.


A wireless network in the home would usually consist of the following:

  • Wireless router
  • At least one Wireless capable device, laptop or WIFI mobile phone

Having a wireless router gives you the freedom to use the internet anywhere in the house or even in the garden. If you have a laptop, it likely has a wireless card inbuilt  (most modern laptops do or if it doesn't one can be added).

Alot of people when they sign up for broadband receive a modem with their startup pack and do not realise the limitations of these. With a modem only one person can use the internet at a time but with a wireless router not only does it give you the advantage of wireless internet throughout the house but also allows more than one person to use the internet at the same time. Routers also come with 4 network ports on the back to allowing for some wired connections. Ideal for things like Media Centers or network storage (NAS) devices for pictures, videos and documents.

Wireless Routers can be difficult to setup but only require to be setup once. Lancastrian IT can supply, install and configure a  Wireless Router. We can connect all suitable devices while making sure you network is safe and secure with the correct network security settings.

Wireless services offered to home users:

  • Wireless Router Installations
  • Access Point Installations (AP)
  • Security Check / Configuration
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3
  • Other Wireless Consoles


If you have an office with a few computers you need to consider wireless networking as an option.

Lancastrian IT provides installation services for small businesses. If your business is looking for affordable wireless network services then Lancastrian IT is your best choice. We provide affordable wireless installation and configuration services for our clients. All wireless solutions can be integrated into exisiting wired networks. We also have Wireless networking experts in our team to provide a reliable networking solution for you.

If you have problems or questions relating to wireless networks then call Lancastrian IT. We can come to your office and discuss your specific needs. 

Wireless services offered to business:

  • Wireless Router Installations
  • Access Point Installations (AP)
  • Security Check / Configuration
  • WDS (used to wirelessly connect ajacent buildings)

Wireless Router

If you do not have a wireless router and want one, Lancastrian IT can install and configure a suitable router.

Access Points

Access points are used when you need a wireless signal in a particular spot but your main device's signal cannot reach. An Access Point is a box with an aerial on connected to a network via an ethernet network cable which is usually plugged in to either a switch or router. It then broadcasts your wireless network in to that dark spot as if it were your main router. The end user would not be aware of the laptop od WIFI device switching from your main device to to the Access Point. These are ideal for large or odd shaped offices an ensuring full wireless coverage.


Most offices have broadband from day one and you will probably find that the router supplying your internet has wireless on it. Is your wireless turned off or does it have security enabled on it to prevent people that you dont want connecting to your network to have a look around. We will make sure your wireless network is as secure as possible using the latest encryption technologies.


WDS is used to connect WDS capable wireless network devices together to create one large network without the end user noticing. WDS devices are ideal for connecting adjacent buildings together where there is 'line of site'. The cost benefits for business in this situation are great. It allows for both buildings to be on the same network, it stops the needs for a second broadband line to the other building and also will have a better connection speed between sites than using VPN throught the internet.