Do you need any of these upgrading:

  • RAM
  • Video Card
  • Hard Drive
  • DVD Burner
  • Blue Ray
  • Windows Upgrade (Vista, XP, 7)
  • Wireless Router

Everyday, there are new advancements in computer hardware and software. In the past decade, a computer with 512MB RAM is said to be very good. Now you can find laptops with a minimum of 2GB RAM. Just because something new is available, you don’t have to replace your computer. A slow running computer might just need a PC Health Check.

Why upgrade?

If you play games on your computer and find that your new game will not play because the video card is to old, then this is a good reason for an upgrade or do you have just too much music for your computer to hold, then you would benefit from a larger harddrive.

Are you on an old version of windows? If your computer can accept the newest version of Windows or latest version of Mac OS, it is worth keeping upto date because newer versions of operating systems like Windows or Mac will offer better security and usually new features.

If you feel that your used computer or laptop works slower than it use to it might be in need of an upgrade, PC Health Check or both.

Upgrades usually are a lot cheaper than buying  a whole new computer. If you only use an Office package and browse the internet a new computer is not always the best solution.


An expert from Lancastrian IT will come to your location to inspect your laptop or computer and after a thorough analysis of your requirements and conditions of the computer, we will discuss your upgrade possibilites.

We can upgrade anything from your memory, video card and hard drive as required. If your computer is runing slow, it could be another issue, e.g. viruses or conflicting software running in the background. Lancastrian IT will find and provide the best solutions to you onsite even if that means that an upgrade is not worth it we will tell you. On slow running computers we always recommend having a PC Health Check with an upgrade to get the best performance.


Lancastrian IT provides upgrade services for business as well as residential clients. You need to have computers and laptops in your office specifically set up to meet your software requirements. As newer versions of the software you have used for years come out your PC requirements will change. This usually means an upgrade be it more memory or a faster processor and so on.

Lancastrian IT can come out and assess your computers and software and make sure they meet or exceed the nessasary requirements.