In some extreme circumstances your computer may require it's Operating System to be reinstalled. If this is the case then we can provide a complete reinstall of your operating system, all required software and drivers.

Spyware and Viruses can seriously damage your computer and compromise your personal details. Here are just a few point to remember about what Viruses and Spyware can do and their symptoms:

  • Slow PC
  • Erroneous Errors
  • PC Crashes
  • Gather information from your machine, e.g. important documents, personal and bank details
  • Adware generates unwanted adverts on your computer (e.g. popups)
  • Spyware can monitor what sites you visit and send reports to the Internet
  • Viruses that aren't removed from your system correctly can always re appear
  • Your Computer is added to a Botnet


Are you baffled about all the different terms. We at Lancastrian IT understand this so we have listed the most popular terms below and linked them to their Wikipedia article..