Today, you can't have a computer at home or in the office without a broadband internet connection. All software and services expect that you have broadband. eg Windows Updates, Google Earth, Youtube and BBC iPlayer. Tradition Dial Up Modems are far to slow to work for anything more than small emails.


If you have just purchased broadband or are migrating to another Internet Service Provider (ISP), you may require assistance in configuring your equipment's settings, Lancastrian IT can help.

  • New Broadband Setups
  • Migration (Mac codes etc..)
  • Installation of Wireless Router, including security
  • Cable or ADSL
  • Problems changing ISP
  • Advise and Recommendations

When we install your broadband we do not use the disks that are supplied by your ISP because they sometimes install toolbars and advertising software on to your computer making it run slower from the start.

Lancastrian IT are experts in providing broadband installation services for business as well as home users. You should make a call to us if you want your broadband internet connection to be setup correctly with the proper security measures taken to prevent the neighbours using your wireless or to prevent Wireless Hackers snooping on your computer.

Our technicians will come out to you and talk through the different options with you,  whether you should have a broadband only package or take up one of the many phone and broadband packages available and so on. Once you have decided on a provider Lancastrian IT will order the service with you and arrange to comeback when the ADSL is live.

Usually the day after your ADSL / Broadband has gone live we will come back and configure your router or modem with the correct settings.